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Rockwood Sauce
Original Artisanal Products Grown & Prepared Sustainably

What makes us different?

We grow and prepare most ingredients that go into our products. We use what we grow first and look to our farmer friends for what we don't have.

Knife & Plow Spices and Rubs
KP Hot Meals

We're Cookin' Too!

At markets, we prepare hot, delicious foods. Our seasonal menu reflects what is available in our field. Come enjoy a sandwich, our specialty fries, hot and cold drinks at the farmers markets we attend.

Solar Powered, Certified Organic

We go above and beyond to grow sustainably. Our operation is solar-powered, and we are also a USDA-certified organic grower.

USDA Organic Seal
Knife & Plow Produce
KP Workers
Our Workers
Rockwood Sauce

Order Our Products Online!

We are excited to announce our debut for online ordering! Browse our available products below and order your favorites now. Your products will be shipped within two weeks while we still figure things out.

Find Us In Stores

You can find our products throughout the area, and we attend farmers' markets throughout the year.
Fire it Up!

See Our Farm in Action

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